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Voice over IP (VoIP)

NetworkFX provides several products that support testing VoIP.

voip network

Voice over IP(VoIP) is very sensitive to impairments such as jitter and packet loss. Many consumers expect quality comparable to existing PSTN service while some can accept quality similar to cellular phone service. Typical VoIP implementations are subject to congestion periods that result in increased jitter and packet loss and as a result a lower 'quality of experience' for the user.

ConNIE provides an option called TIA-921 Test Suite that provides industry standard test cases that model the dynamic impairment conditions that exist in many different types of network configurations ranging from cable and DSL networks to business access rates such as T-1 and T-3. The model used to produce these test cases was developed by the Telecommunications Industry Association(TIA) and has been accepted as an industry standard also referred to by the ITU as ITU G.1050. This model is based upon several years of research that involved gathering information from many service providers as to the impairment levels that exist in today's networks.