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IPTV Test Suite Option for ConNIE

A successful IPTV deployment requires careful planning and an indepth understanding of the many variables that can affect a user's 'Quality of Experience'. Even small packet loss can be noticable by the user and excessive latency or jitter can result in unacceptable video quality. NetworkFX has developed the IPTV Test Suite option for the ConNIE to provide tools to help emulate specific impairments that adversely affect IPTV performance.

IPTV Test Suite Features

  • Capture/ Replay - Capture packets into a PCAP format for later analysis or replay
  • Stream Generator - stream a single video to up to 100 end points while introducing impairments
  • Stream Viewer - monitor live MPEG streams to view before and after impairments
  • MDI Generator - Generate MDI Delay Factor and MDI Loss Rate
  • I/B/P Targeting - drop specific types of MPEG2 Transport Stream packets
  • Upload PCAP - upload PCAP file to the appliance and replay with fixed or original timing
  • Mirror - cause selected packets to return to the management port for capture or analysis