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Industry Standard Network Model (TIA-921/ITU G.1050)

A separate option, the TIA model-based network emulation (TIA Test Suite option) is available that  provides a standards-based test platform for testing voice, data and video devices and applications that operate across an IP network such as the Internet or an enterprise wide area network. This option implements the TIA-921 Network Model for Evaluation of Multimedia Transmission Performance Over Internet Protocol as defined by the Telecommunication Industry Association. The industry standard model represents an end to end network configuration consisting of network segments that include the local and remote LANs, the local and remote Access links and the Core IP network.

TIA Test Cases

The TIA Test Suite defines 1064 scenarios derived from variations of network configurations and impairment levels. These combinations provide a diverse range of test cases representative of existing IP networks that products may encounter and be expected to operate within.

TIA Network emulation

This system enables developers and service providers to evaluate the performance of IP services such as VoIP, Video over IP, Web Services and other emerging applications.