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Press Release

NetworkFX ConNIE Version 2.1 Announced

Sept 10, 2006

HONOLULU, HAWAII SEPT 10th, 2006—NetworkFX Communications has announced availability of the latest release of the ConNIE (Converged Network Impairment Emulator) product for testing applications that operate across a Wide Area Network (WAN) such as the Internet.

Included in the new release is a new product called CaptureFX, a utility that allows network impairment levels from a live network to be recorded and played back using ConNIE. This valuable utility provides a quick and easy method of creating 'real world' test cases based upon actual characteristics of the live network to be modeled.

About NetworkFX Communications

NetworkFX Communications develops network emulators that reproduce the diverse behaviors of IP networks; allowing you to test distributed applications such as IPTV, VoIP or any application destined for use across a WAN. Our products are sophisticated yet easy to use and are designed to provide the ability to test with the ‘realistic’ network conditions in a lab or office setting under precise controlled and repeatable conditions. This type of testing is essential for applications that will be deployed under the widely varying network conditions encountered in the Internet or an Enterprise WAN.


Press Contact:
Scott Seaburn
NetworkFX Communications, LLC