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Press Release

NetworkFX announces new features for IPTV and Video on Demand

July 7, 2007

HONOLULU, Hawaii, July 7th, 2007—NetworkFX Communications announces new features for the ConNIE Network Impairment Emulator to support testing IPTV and Video on Demand(VOD). New features include a stream generator, capture and replay for MPEG Transport Streams, a stream viewer, the ability to selectively impair I, B and P frames.

The stream generator allows ConNIE to generate up to 100 multicast streams while simultaneously introducing impairments in selected streams in a controlled and repeatable manner. This feature is useful for testing the ability of a Set Top Box(STB) to tolerate and recover from network impairments such as jitter and packet loss.

The new features are available as a separate IPTV Test Suite option for use with the ConNIE network emulator system. Contact NetworkFX Communications for more information and pricing.

About NetworkFX Communications

NetworkFX Communications develops network emulators that reproduce the diverse behaviors of IP networks; allowing you to test distributed applications such as IPTV, VoIP or any application destined for use across a WAN. Our products are sophisticated yet easy to use and are designed to provide the ability to test with ‘realistic’ network conditions in a lab or office setting under precise, controlled and repeatable conditions. This type of testing is essential for applications that will be deployed under the widely varying network conditions encountered in the Internet or an Enterprise WAN.


Press Contact:
Scott Seaburn
NetworkFX Communications, LLC