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Press Release

NetworkFX ConNIE used by Alcatel-Lucent for IPTV lab

May 23, 2007

HONNOLULU, Hawaii, MAY 23rd, 2007—NetworkFX Communications ConNIE was part of the infrastructure used by Alcatel-Lucent in their proof of concept lab for IPTV Ecosystem for MSTV. ConNIE was used to provide impairments similar to those that would be encountered in a 'real world' network. Alcatel-Lucent has produced a white paper entitled "IPTV Test and Measurement Best Practices White Paper".

About NetworkFX Communications

NetworkFX Communications develops network emulators that reproduce the diverse behaviors of IP networks; allowing you to test distributed applications such as IPTV, VoIP or any application destined for use across a WAN. Our products are sophisticated yet easy to use and are designed to provide the ability to test with the ‘realistic’ network conditions in a lab or office setting under precise controlled and repeatable conditions. This type of testing is essential for applications that will be deployed under the widely varying network conditions encountered in the Internet or an Enterprise WAN.


Press Contact:
Scott Seaburn
NetworkFX Communications, LLC