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Press Release

NetworkFX ConNIE product participates in VSF demo for FEC interoperability in Orlando

Jan 10, 2007

ORLANDO, Florida, JAN 10th, 2007—NetworkFX Communications participates in a five-vendor live interoperability demonstration at the upcoming SMPTE/VSF 2007 Joint Conference. The Interop demonstration will highlight the successful interoperation of vendors supporting broadcast contribution video signals over IP networks, including the ability to survive errors and other network impairments. The Interop event will take place during the SMPTE Digital Content Connection and VSF VidTrans 2007 Joint Conference, which is being held at the Buena Vista Hotel from January 21 to January 24, 2007.

Five leading MPEG equipment manufacturers (Harris Broadcast Communications, Path1 Network Technologies, TANDBERG Television, Thomson Grass Valley, and T-VIPS) will be interconnecting their equipment to determine interoperability of units that are designed to meet the Pro-MPEG COP3/SMPTE 2022 standard. Connections will be made through a network with impairments such as bit errors and groups of contiguous lost packets that are deliberately injected into each stream to demonstration each system’s ability to recover from the errors, as specified in Pro-MPEG COP3/SMPTE 2022. An independent panel will judge results of the demonstration during the conference, and results will subsequently be published. Equipment provided by IneoQuest Technologies and Spirent Communications will create and/or measure the network impairments. IPITEK and Fox Digital Television will provide equipment and materials as needed to create the network system. Organization and System Design provided by DVBLink and Media Links.

“Modern data networks are subject to a variety of impairments, ranging from simple bit errors to groups of contiguous data packets,” says John Dale, of Media Links, who is organizing the interoperability event. “The Pro-MPEG COP3/SMPTE 2022 standard has been designed specifically to ensure that high quality video that is used by broadcasters for their most valuable live video feeds are able to be transported over these networks. Because of the complexity of these specifications, and for the benefit of customers that want to purchase equipment from multiple vendors, interoperability is essential to the long-run viability of this standard.”

About NetworkFX Communications

NetworkFX Communications develops network emulators that reproduce the diverse behaviors of IP networks; allowing you to test distributed applications such as IPTV, VoIP or any application destined for use across a WAN. Our products are sophisticated yet easy to use and are designed to provide the ability to test with the ‘realistic’ network conditions in a lab or office setting under precise controlled and repeatable conditions. This type of testing is essential for applications that will be deployed under the widely varying network conditions encountered in the Internet or an Enterprise WAN.


Press Contact:
Scott Seaburn
NetworkFX Communications, LLC